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The Race

75 Days Places Families

Coinciding with Arteche’s 75th anniversary, we are organising this solidarity activity. It is a flexible race, which can be carried out individually or in groups, either on foot or by bicycle for 75 days in any place, although we recommend the 75 places of interest.

We want to add kilometers between those who participate and, together, go around the world, adding energy #SumandoEnergías. On foot or by bike, in one of the 75 representative places of the countries where we are located.

For 75 days, from World Energy Day (14/02) until 29/04.

And all with a solidarity objective.

The Goal

We want to go around the world adding energy, #SumandoEnergías. Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Arteche, we want to organize a solidarity activity. And we want to do it with you.

Together we will add up the kilometers we go through until we go around the world. Thus, through Caritas, we will provide electricity supply for a whole year to 75 underprivileged families in the different regions where the event will take place.

Arteche Carrera Solidaria Sumando Energías Cáritas Oro
Goal achieved!

Are you up for it?

Add kilometers wearing the t-shirt that we will provide you, and help 75 families in disadvantaged situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the Rockthesport app, in which you have to register, you can add up all the kilometers you do during the 75 days of the race. You can add up the kilometers both running and cycling.

We have identified 75 places of interest, either because they are representative of Arteche’s history or of the history of the electricity sector in the countries where we have a direct presence. But you can add up the kilometers anywhere, from any country.

The race lasts 75 days during which you can add as many kilometers as you can, as many times as you want.

You can find all the information in the app that we have enabled, available for iOS and Android.

When registering, you will be able to choose between two options: receive the T-shirt at home or pick it up at a centre previously set up for this purpose.

Unfortunately, no. In order to provide all participants with a commemorative race T-shirt, each participant must register individually. But of course you can run or cycle in a group to add more kilometers together.

Caritas is going to be our ally in solidarity in this sense. With its international network, it has access to the situation of many families in different countries. Through Caritas, help will be given to the 75 families who are considered to be in the most critical situations or who deserve to be given priority.

With the race there is no economic benefit, but there are elements such as the t-shirts or the platform that have to be financed. All proceeds will be used to help families in disadvantaged situations to have access to electricity.

Of course, any help is important. Follow this link.

Are you up to collaborate?